Welcome to your Patwa Lesson 11-12

1. What is another phrase for mi av whole heap a dub in Patwa?

Mi av whole heap a dub
2. What is another phrase for big chune in Patwa?

Big chune をパトワ語で違う言い方は何ですか?
3. Write another phrase for rewind in Patwa. 


4. What are the 2 meanings for bust out in Japanese?

Bust out の意味に2つあります。日本語で2つ答えてください。
What does Run tings mean in Japanese? 

Run tingsの意味は日本語で何ですか?

6. How do you say Shout out in Patwa?

Shout outをパトワ語で何て言います?
7. What does ina di building mean in Japanese?

ina di buildingの意味は日本語で何ですか?
8. What does put up unuh lighter mean in Japanese?

Put up unuh lighter
9. What do the following words/phrases mean in Japanese?

  1. Mi Spirit Nuh Tek To Dem
  2. Yuh a crassis
  3. Yuh too bad mind
  4. Yuh ave no brothupsy
  5. Waste man

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