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Famous! Are you?

The Famous party gives a taste of Jamaica, More of a Jamaican Style for the Famous people of Japan! It hosts only Famous DJs and Artists!  For our Famous customers, there is a Regular and VIP  entry option. VIP offers an ALL YOU CAN DRINK option all night! Welcome to a Famous Lifestyle!




“FAMOUS”のお客様のために、通常とVIPのエントリーオプションがあります。 VIPは一晩中飲み放題のオプションを提供しています!”FAMOUS”パーティーのスタイルへようこそ。

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Kanpai! Silent & Bottle Party Editions!

Kanpai is our Silent – Headphone party series, and Bottle part series. We sure love changing the themes and ideas around our silent/bottle party but the main idea remains simple… 3 DJs/ 1 Party/ 1 Headphone – Choose your music ALL NIGHT! and/or Bring your own bottle and drink all you want!


メインのアイデアはシンプルです… 3人のDJ / 1パーティー/ 1ヘッドフォン-3チャンネルでお好きなミュージックチャンネルを一晩中選択してください!自分のボトルを持参して、好きなだけ飲みましょう!


This party series offers the Jamaican Rum “Appleton” Free and allows all persons in Japan that attend the event an enjoyable Jamaican experience! Recently Appleton Rum is free for 2 hours at the start of the event. Let’s drink and get TIPSY!!

“TIPSY”(意味はほろ酔い)パーティーシリーズは、ジャマイカのラム酒「アップルトン」を無料で提供し、イベントに参加する日本国内のすべての人に楽しいジャマイカ体験を提供します。最近はAppleton Rumはイベントの開始時から2時間無料です。飲んでTIPSY(ほろ酔い)しよう!


ARISE targets our young Japanese fans. A party made up of Japanese reggae artists, sound system and DJs with dancers. It is hosted in the daytime so everyone can enjoy it!




DJ Competitions

The Japan Juggling Legend Competition

``The Japan Juggling Legend DJ Competiton is where DJs compete based on their mixing skills, music selections, and their ability to keep the crowd dancing and positive. The best DJ will be chosen by the audience and our judges.

The Japan Juggling Legend DJ CompetitionではDJがミキシングスキル、選曲、お客さんの盛り上がりやヴァイブスやetc..維持する能力に基づいて競います。


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The Young Bloodz DJ Competition

Young Bloodz DJ Competition is a Juggling competition that allows New and Young DJs to compete by showing their Juggling skills regardless of the theme or genre picked!

YOUNG BLOODZ DJ COMPETITIONはJUGGLING COMPETITIONであり、選択したお題があったり。ジャンルに関係なく、新人と若い才能を持った人達のDJがジャグリングのスキルを披露して競うことができ

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Japan Juggling Legend Afterparty

Japan Juggling Legend Finals

Young Bloodz Qualifier 3

Young Bloodz Qualifier