Brand Manager – Japan UK-born reggae dancehall selector/DJ, producer, and entrepreneur living in Japan. With his experience in marketing and advertising, he promises to widen the Jahjastarz Brand worldwide while adding a touch of his multicultural flavor.

General Manager – USA – Yuka, a lover of travel, music, dance, sneakers, oxtail, Jamaican curry, lifting, and yoga…is a Jamaipanese as she calls herself. Her promise is to create an experience like none other for all those traveling to Jamaica and engaging with us from all ends of the earth.

Managing Director – Jamaica  – Jjenelle has a passion for process development and she is driven towards making customer experiences a one in a million!

Marketing and Logistics Team Leader – Yuta, a lover of socializing and making others happy has committed himself to continue to do so in Jahjastarz. He aims to guide the company in not only connecting to the younger generation but also combining the older and younger generation with his love for Jamaica.

Operations and Marketing Team Leader – Ryota loves Reggae and Japanese Reggae. He wishes to combine these two genres, though the same, some may see them separate. He also wishes to spread the love for Jamaica to a younger generation in Japan. He believes with his passion and creativity he will accomplish his goal.

Managing Director – Japan – Kerry, a lover of being creative, helping and socializing has dedicated her time in Japan to bringing everyone together with their love for Jamaica and Reggae. It is her dream to see everyone as one, just like her country, Jamaica’s motto – Out of Many One people (even though we…

Promotions and Logistics Manager Ryo has devoted his heart and soul to Jamaica since he was 18years old! The love for the country, music, and language has been poured into Jahjastarz to allow his fellow countrymen to experience the same love as he has been feeling for so many years!