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Few Words About Us

The Bridge between Jamaica and Asia!

Start of our business

Our company was founded in Jamaica and expanded to Japan in 2014.

事業開始 – 当社はジャマイカで創業し、2014年に日本に進出しています。

Our philosophy

Our main focus is on showcasing Brand Jamaica along with Jamaican/Caribbean style music more specifically reggae/dancehall music in Asia to provide patrons with a unique experience and touch of class.

私たちの理念- 私たちの主な焦点は、ブランドジャマイカとジャマイカ/カリビアンスタイルの音楽、具体的にはアジアのレゲエ/ダンスホール音楽を紹介し、常連のお客様や初めてお客様にもユニークな体験とクラスを提供することです。

Our principles

  • Authencity
  • Ambitious
  • Innovative
  • Loyal
  • Trustworthy


We are open for partnership

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Meet Our Team

Our Team is the magic behind Jahjastarz success! Each member a powerhouse in their own right! We are most proud of our team, and together we strive to bring you the very best of what Jahjastarz has to offer!




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